General questions

1. Can you generate an address for me (exclusive or personal) using my pattern?
No, we can't. This service is provided by other projects, for example, vante.me or bitcoinvanitygen.com. We generate addresses (exclusive or personal) using only our own patterns.

2. Why do you use prefixes in patterns (BTC, GoLD, etc.)?
To artificially increase the length of the pattern and thereby increase the value and uniqueness of the address.

Exclusive addresses

1. What is an exclusive address?
This is the address that start with a unique (non random) sequence of characters (we call it a pattern) with the following features:
  • the length of the pattern is at least 8 characters;
  • the pattern can contain a prefix (for example, the "1BTCaddress" pattern contains the "BTC" prefix);
  • the pattern (excluding the prefix) is: any meaningful word or group of words, single repeating characters, double repeating characters (for example, 1XwXwXwXw);
  • case-sensitive patterns are formed by the following rules: UPPER_CASE, lower_case, First_upper_case, Prefix+UPPER_CASE, Prefix+lower_case, Prefix+First_upper_case. The forbidden characters "I", "O", "0", "l" and their replacement ("i", "o", "L") do not participate in the definition of case-sensitivity (for example, the "DoMiNo" pattern is the UPPER_CASE rule, despite the fact that this pattern contains characters from the lowercase "i" and "o", since the characters "I" and "O" are forbidden).
For each exclusive address already found a private key that is sold in this store.

2. If every exclusive address is already found, then why is not the full address specified anywhere?
This is protection against spammers. Unique addresses (presented in the store) can be used by spammers to send unwanted messages, so we decided not to show full addresses (25-34 characters in length).

3. Do you have private keys of exclusive addresses, so I can not use these addresses to store my coins?
Private keys of exclusive addresses are stored in encrypted form (AES-256) separately from the web-store with a very strong password. Access to the storage of private keys has only one person, the storage is not physically connected to the Internet. Thus, the private key is known only to us and the customer. In accordance with the Special Conditions, all (without exception) private keys of the sold exclusive addresses will be reliably removed without the possibility of recovery. Removing is made in semi-automatic mode after the sale of the address.
Honesty is our main principle, and we strictly adhere to the agreed Special Conditions. However, if the customer doubts the honesty of the service, the exclusive address can be used in multisig-transactions, P2SH-addresses, in which case the exclusive address will emphasize the individuality of its owner and at the same time the safety of storing coins will not be broken.

Personal addresses

1. What is a personal address?
This is an exclusive address that is generated by our service using split-keys. Due to the use of split-keys, private keys of personal addresses will be known ONLY to the customer and no one else.
Detailed information on split-keys you will find on the Internet.


1. For what purposes is the "Address E-Mail" field used when placing an order?
After confirming the payment for the order, an encrypted zip-archive will be sent to this e-mail, which will contain a file with private keys of exclusive addresses or private keys (secondary) of a set of personal addresses.
See more in Special Conditions.

2. For what purposes is the "Password E-Mail" field used when placing an order?
After confirming the payment for the order, the first part of the password will be sent to this e-mail to decrypt the encrypted zip-archive (zip-archive is sent to the e-mail from the field "Address E-mail"). The customer should specify the second part of the password in the field "Your password" when placing an order.
See more in Special Conditions.

3. For what purposes is the "Your password" field used when placing an order?
In this field, the customer specifies the second part of the password for decrypting the encrypted zip-archive (the first part of the password is sent to the e-mail from the field "Password E-Mail", zip-archive is sent to the e-mail from the field "Address E-Mail").
Why does the password consist of two parts? For safety. If you send an encrypted zip-archive and password to it by e-mail, then there is a chance to receive and decrypt it by third parties. With a compound password, this is unlikely.
After the complete processing of the order, the password from the field "Your password" is deleted and is no longer stored.
See more in Special Conditions.

4. For what purposes is the "Public key" field used when placing an order?
This field is available only when ordering sets of personal addresses. This field identifies the public key obtained from the private key that is generated by the customer in any available way. This public key is used to create secondary private keys of personal addresses. We recommend generating public keys using the bitaddress.org project.
See more in Special Conditions.